Company founded in 1946 as “Manufacturas Bernar” by Mr. Bernardo Suárez Fombona. In 1976 the Company name was changed to “Sociedad Anónima Bernar” because its legal form was change to S.A.

Since Bernar was founded its area has been the Metal Sector. Hence, its principal kitchenware items were made using metal material: kitchen scales, slicers and the most important product until now the “churrera machine”; this Bernar product is a tradition in our customer market. Gradually the following year, Bernar has developed more houseware products and locksmith works.

Bernar started to export during the ‘50s and since 1974 started to be an usual expositor in international housewares and kitchenware fairs. Supported by the Council of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Spain, Bernar has participated in Spanish trade delegations to open new markets. The ‘90s has grown to currently become one of the most successful years for Bernar’s exportation activity in countries of European Union and USA.

To the end of ‘80s, Bernar starts to work in the Subcontracting Activities as: works for the “Self-propulsion Industry”, works for “Agribusiness Industry” and for “Mining Industry”. These works were realized by metal stamping process and injection plastic activity.  At the same time of these works Bernar continues working in the Kitchenware area designing new items with Bernar’s patents. These patents help to expand a stronger position in the housewares market.

This strengthening in the national market grows at the same time with the export activity. Therefore our presence in different countries has established very good international business relations with countries as: Germany, Peru, Colombia, Chile, EEUU, France, Mexico, Portugal, etc.

Tfnos. 985 307 045 - 985 307 383
Fax. 985 167 254

Bernar S.A.
C/ Isaac Newton (Pol. Ind. Roces), 216
33211 Gijón

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