Outsourcing Services

Bernar does Outsourcing Services as metal stamping, design and manufacturing of moulds, dies (tool manufacturing) and manufacturing of parts for plastic injection.

We offer you more than 40 years of experience in Outsourcing Services with highly qualified and experienced staff with the best technical skills to find the best solution to your necessities.

 Our Stamping section with stamping presses from 10 to 160 Tn give you more flexibility and option to cover your necessities of manufacturing.

Our plastic injection Area has injection moulding machines from 42 to 360 Tn; different facilities and a very important and old experience to technical plastic processing (PA6, PA66, PA/GF, PC, ABS, etc.) and “commodities” plastics (PP, PEAD, PS, HIPS, etc.).

All this activities and equipment, allow us to supply with relatively quickly series of optimized pieces in Quality and prices.

Bernar's Customers belong to different business sectors

  • Food Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Electrical Material Industry 
  • Construction Industry

We have a complete willingness to be true partners of our customers to resolve their projects with a personalized assistance and effective solution.

Tfnos. 985 307 045 - 985 307 383
Fax. 985 167 254

Bernar S.A.
C/ Isaac Newton (Pol. Ind. Roces), 216
33211 Gijón

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